Friday, July 07, 2006

3rd Floor Image, 2nd Floor Problem

A sunny evening. Two days after Independence Day. Walking, looking down, up and around for any potential subjects.

On a side street there’s an apartment building with a third floor balcony facing west. The balcony is well decorated and furnished, with an American flag slowly waving in the breeze. The low sun produces an interesting shadow behind the flag.

Take out camera, wait for the breeze to position the flag just right. Spend a couple of minutes shooting. Then check the images on the LCD viewfinder.

“Hey, can I help you?”

Looking up, notice a guy staring from a second floor window. He’s angry, probably thinking that somehow the small digital camera is invading the privacy of his apartment.

I stare back at him, firmly replying: “I’m taking photographs of the flag.”

The guy is caught off guard. The flag? “Oh, OK, no problem.”

No one will stop me from imaging the American flag. They will have to pry my camera from my cold, dead hands.

1 comment:

CharacterMagnet said...

That man's distrust of your intensions vanished when he realized that you are a REAL American patriot by photographing Old Glory. For if you had told him that you were photographing anything else, he'd have called Fatherland Security or at least the local cops, saying that a creepy, suspicious commie was scoping his apartment to commit an Un-American act. Ever vigilant!