Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Reflections: Lost Sunglasses

After the sun made an overdue return, I was able to grab a few more images with one of my photographic obsessions, reflections. There’s an entrance down the street for a grade school; I noticed a pair of sunglasses hanging on the fence, waiting for the owner to return the next day.

I shot a few images in the afternoon, then came back in the evening for a few more. Some people wonder why a photographer takes so many shots. Well, changing lighting conditions is one reason. Another is capturing the subject at the right angle, trying to get the best composition. Also, making sure you’ve nailed the shot. Since I was focusing so close with my little Canon digital camera, I had to make sure that the image in the sunglasses was sharp, not the background. Of course, a few shots missed the mark, the background in focus with the glasses out of focus.

So if you’re with a photographer and he seems to be taking a while to image his subject, give the guy some time. An extra minute can make the difference between a lousy image and a good one.

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