Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why A Clown?

Ever get sick of reading the same kind of stuff by me? Well, I get tired of writing the same stuff after a while. But repeating myself isn’t as sickening as the problems I see again and again. Dog shit on the sidewalk. The city wasting money. Inconsiderate assholes. Issues that get out of hand because they’re never really addressed with consistent attention.

No, I don’t expect to save the world –- or even Plattsburgh, NY. At the same time I don’t plan on letting the shit slide until I’m buried in it. Sometimes problems have to be attacked from a different angle.

Enter Plattsy The Clown. Another voice in the war on mediocrity and repetitive crap.

Besides another angle, Plattsy addresses the situation with Those Who Just Don’t Get It, people who just step over a mess on the sidewalk and pretend it isn’t there. Now through a ceramic clown I can speak to such people on their own level. But for some of them, Plattsy might be too cerebral. In that event I’ll have to reinvent him as Plattsy The Paramecium.


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