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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 City: Music And Movies

Scene from the animated short "WIND." 

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - Monday  8/18/14

Eric Ayotte tours with an acoustic guitar and a notebook computer.  The guitar, of course, is for his musical performances.  And the computer?  To share a compilation of DIY/low budget movie shorts that prove much less is more.

Location: 30 City Hall Place, a retail spot that has been renovated into a visitors and art-performance center.  Event format: live music by local musician/songwriter Justin Passino (AKA For The Kid In The Back); followed by Eric, sometimes accompanied by his songstress friend Charlie, performing his own original works; and then the movie shorts shown via a digital projector on a large screen for easy viewing.  A full program for the evening just for a contribute-what-you-can donation in the large glass goblet on the front table.

For The Kid In The Back

Eric oversees the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival.  According to its site, http://gadaboutfilmfest.com/, he is now touring over 70 cities for the two months before returning to Europe for another tour there.

He explained he initiated the project back in 2002 with a DIY punk band ethic, focusing on short films driven by creativity, not a need for money.  Each year he views and curates a number of independently-made shorts, creating a "new batch" to take on the road.

The 12th Annual compilation is entitled "Speechless."  While each film does have an audio track there is no dialogue, a limitation that spurs more originality.  

And the shorts were indeed offbeat.  I haven't been so entertained since viewing the classic "Bambi Meets Godzilla" decades ago.

In the animated "WIND" by Robert Loebe people have to think more horizontally than vertically while dealing with a relentless ferocious gale.  Another work, "Luminaris" by Juan Pablo Zaramella, uses a light bulb motif to comment on conformity and freethought.

Eric invites DIY filmmakers to participate in his Instant Gratification Movie Challenge, more info at http://monthlymoviechallenge.com/ .  Your work might up in the next Gadabout Film Fest.

[L to R] Eric Ayotte and Charlie.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jaywalkers? Plattsburgh PD Is Ready!

BC: Before Cable

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Evening Bagpipers

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

This summer you knew it was a Monday evening when the sounds of bagpipes and drums were heard throughout downtown.  Practice time for the Police Pipes & Drums of Plattsburgh.

According to Howard H. Carron, Business Manager for PPDP, the "Police" in its name came about because some members in the original band were law enforcement officers.  PPDP performs at special events, memorials, and parades.  It will be marching during the Battle of Plattsburgh in September.

The group practices in the basement of Trinity Church before it continues al fresco near City Hall.  Passersby stop and enjoy the music: young, old, in-between.

PPDP provides free piping and drumming lessons every Monday at 6:30 PM at Trinity Church.  More info: piper65@verizon.net .

Digital tuning.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just A Few Windmills

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

The next time you're driving through the Ellenburg-Chateaugay area keep a sharp eye out for windmills.  There's a few of them generating electrical power in that neck of the woods.  You might just notice one.  (The towers aren't that tall.)

On its website Noble Environmental Power (http://www.noblepower.com/) describes itself as "a leading wind energy company with a 726-megawatt generation portfolio comprised of 484 GE 1.5 wind turbines" in New York State and Texas.

Here are the totals found on the Noble site for the number of wind turbines spinning in each local windpark (North Country New York):

Altona:  65

Chateaugay: 71

Clinton: 67

Ellenburg: 54

Like I said, just a few.  Don't blink or you'll miss them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Collapse And Evacuation

Daytime view: collapsed section.

 PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - Sat. 8/11/14  10 PM

An employee at Chefy's Bar and Grill described it like a bomb going off.

It was bricks, not a bomb, that made the violent noise.  Before 10 PM part of the exterior wall on the south side of the building that houses Chefy's gave way.  The section that collapsed - located around the third floor area - left debris on the roof on the rear wing of the Trinity Church rectory.

Everyone was evacuated from the building including tenants living in apartments on the second and third floors.  Some tenants not present during the collapse rushed to the building located at 124-126 Margaret Street to see what happened.  They had to wait before they were allowed to enter to retrieve some personal belongings and pets.

A spotlight from a fire truck was used to check the ruined wall to see if the problem was in check.  The damage seemed to be confined mostly to the exterior of the building.

Just after the collapse.

Closed early.

Pet relocation.

*  *  *

Mon.  8/12/14

Mid-afternoon.  The building remains closed as contractors examine the situation and decide how to fix the problem.  The Trinity Church rector's office still had debris sitting on its roof.  According to someone at the church one window to the office was broken from the falling bricks.

Rectory rooftop rubble.

Considering options.

Friday, August 08, 2014


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Ferreting Out A Good Image

In the bag



Long shot

Alert by a whisker

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Supermoon Fireworks

 (C) 2014 Luke T. Bush


Not only did the Mayor's Cup fireworks fall on the night of a full moon but it was also a supermoon event.  Supermoon refers to a moon that appears larger because it is at its closest orbital point to the earth (perigee).  Obscured by clouds during the fireworks the moon was a yellow eye in the distance observing the multi-colored burst-patterns.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tense Moments: Update

In a previous article I reported about an accident involving a pickup truck and stroller after the fireworks display in Plattsburgh City on the night of July 4th.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Pike and Bridge streets near the Campus Corner restaurant.  The Plattsburgh Police Department didn't have an officer directing all the traffic and pedestrians leaving the area at that spot.  The police and ambulance did quickly respond.

According to info from the Plattsburgh PD website blotter and a Press-Republican article the pickup truck driver was ticketed for not yielding the right of way to a pedestrian, in this case a woman pushing a stroller with two children.  His truck had reportedly clipped the stroller.

The woman, Kristy Pulsifer, age 23, and the two children, William Pulsifer, age 4, and Lila Souliere, age 2 — all from Plattsburgh — had suffered bruises.  No one else was injured.  The police blotter says the incident occurred 22:12 (10:12 PM) on Pike Street.  More details available through these links:

"Accidents for period Friday, July 04, 2014 to Thursday, July 10, 2014" - http://www.plattsburghpd.net/Blotter.htm

Police Log: July 10, 2014. — Personal-injury accident

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diaper Day 2

They say you can't fight City Hall but in Plattsburgh you can leave a dirty diaper dumped on the ground for two days.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

New Day, New Diaper

Here we go again...

Independence My Eye

After photographing fireworks a number of times I get a little bored and start looking for a different angle, a new perspective.

Special Visitor Hanging Around City Hall

Since this is a family blog you will have to take a walk through Dogtown for more details: http://dogtown12901.blogspot.com/2014/07/special-visitor-hanging-around-city-hall.html .  Warning: Somewhat unpleasant.

Sunday, July 06, 2014



(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

A couple of people suggested to me that I should help the Ban The Bomb Trains protesters by faking an image.  (Article about the event: http://writog.blogspot.com/2014/07/meanwhile-who-was-watching-watchmen.html )

I was asked to take one shot of the protesters on the pedestrian bridge over the Saranac River with the train trestle in the background.  Then I supposed to go back when a train went through with tank cars loaded with Bakken crude, the same spot where I took the first shot, and then photo-edit them together.

Sorry.  I don't fake photos unless it's obvious fakery to make a point.

And the point is that I may be a citizen journalist/blogger but I do have journalistic standards.

When I told that to one of the suggesters he said, "Well, just label the photo that you fixed it."  He added that he could do it on his kitchen table with a cutting knife and a couple of photos.

Digital photo-editing does make things easier than the old days of prints, scissors and paste but it isn't magic.  Even the crude fake image above wasn't a snap of the fingers.  Layering was a bitch.

To create a good composite protesters-and-passing-train image both photos would have to be taken in the exact same spot with the exact same perspective and lighting.  You can see the problems involved with the above image.

Also, no one knows the train schedule.  Am I supposed to camp out all day to get the train shot?  For free?

Believe it or not I have a life.  I don't mind doing photography but not when it becomes a colossal spasm in my posterior.

Yes, the disaster at Lac-Megantic in Quebec was horrible.  But photo fakery isn't justified when raising the public's awareness about the tragedy.

Google "Lac-Megantic" and see real photos of what happened there a year ago.

And if you want special photos, don't ask me, just DIY.  You'll quickly learn how "easy" it is.

[ CREDIT: Train image - http://www.academylane.com/news/national-train-day