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Friday, January 20, 2017

City Hall Dog Park

A matter of respect.  As I've said many times before it's not the dog, it's the pig on the other end of the leash.  Take Pride, Plattsburgh City!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Publish What You Preach

(C) 2017 Luke T. Bush


Why does your local newspaper suck?

One main reason is that most papers are owned by a chain that is only interested in profits, not journalism.  Staff and quality is sacrificed to appease the great stockholder gods.

You can tell when the staff has been cut to the bone.  Call it the gaping newshole syndrome.

Newshole refers to the amount of space that can be devoted to publishing articles.  When things were going great the newshole was tight, plenty of advertising.  Ads took priority over news.  Sometimes an article would be cut to fit in another ad.

But the market has changed.  Lots of room now.  The local daily, the Press-Republican, sometimes uses oversized photos to dominate the page, filling in for the lack of print material.  Fewer reporters means less copy generated.  Or is the PR changing itself into a newer LIFE magazine?

This gaping newshole reflects the rise of internet advertising, including Craigslist which provides a cheaper alternative to the local classifieds.  In desperation the Press-Republican ran a display ad today taking a shot at  Craigslist.  The ad's centerpiece is a photo of some young maniac wearing earrings and a baseball cap, his tongue sticking out sideways. 

The ad text reads: "We don't know who Craig is... ..but his list seems pretty shady.  Press-Republican  Classifieds that work...honestly."

Yes, the man behind Craigslist is a young crazy out to rip you off.  Of course you can only trust your hometown newspaper when it comes to advertising.

Sure.  As I've blogged in the past the Press-Republican runs display ads for products of a dubious nature such as a pill for improving your memory.  At first glance the ad looks like a headlined article.  But if you look hard you can spot ADVERTISEMENT in tiny letters at the top.  For elderly readers -- the usual targets of these ads -- they will have to ask Superman to use his microscopic vision to discern the small print.

The article goes on about all sorts of health claims, its product the answer to your ailment.


Caveat emptor, sucker.

Friday, January 13, 2017

You'll Be Soyry

One of the major green consumers of soy-based wiring.

© 2017 Luke T. Bush


I just love all green products.  For example, take my low-flush toilet – please.

An invention intended to save water.  Less water per flush means a great benefit to the environment.  And if the water system becomes privatized, it means greater profits for a greedy corporation.

I enjoy the way my low-flush unit saves so much water.  Unlike a real toilet – one sitting, one flush – to prevent clogs I have to break my throne time into multiple segments.  Too much material at once and unsanitary water floods the bathroom floor.  So I have to flush five or six times.  A multiple flush procedure avoids twenty or more whams on the toilet plunger to get things flowing again.

The march to green product supremacy continues.  As reported recently in the local daily (news)paper soy-based Xmas lights were used to light up the Big Tree downtown. 

The Big Tree owes its continued existence to being decorated for the holidays each year.  Environmentalist and former mayor Dan “Axeman” Stewart wanted that tree chopped down because it was blocking the view of deteriorating buildings in the area.  Xmas lights kept the blade at bay.

The tree is impressive, perfectly cone-shaped like the heads of certain city leaders.  It looks great without the Xmas lights.

I noticed the other evening that some of the lights were out.  Why?  Thank the hungry squirrels.

Rodents just love feeding on soy insulation and components.  Major auto companies like Honda are facing class–action lawsuits from customers who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get their cars running again. Of course if cars don’t run that’s less harm to the environment: less pollution created, less fuel consumed.  How environmentally-friendly can you get?

In the meantime Plattsburgh City can’t afford new lights so it’s cut-and-splice back together time.  That’ll save big $.

One option is coating the tree with predator urine to scare away the squirrels. Sounds olfactorily delightful. Of course if this option doesn’t work that means more money pissed away.

Soy-based wiring is indeed green – as in greenbacks.  The lawsuit against Honda stated:

"(The automaker) has turned this defective soy-based insulated wiring into another source of income for Honda and its dealers by charging aggrieved vehicle owners for repairs or parts to deal with the adverse consequences …that Honda should have covered under warranty in the first place."

Go green.

When December rolls around make sure to hug your Xmas tree adorned with soy-based lights.  Be careful not to disturb the squirrels – or the rats.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Devil In The Details?

Technicality Could Block Trump From Swearing In

By Sue Doe, Ersatz News Service

A little known rule pertaining to the swearing-in of a new president might keep President-elect Donald Trump from gaining control of the White House.

The Founding Fathers wanted to prevent any unqualified “boy kings” from assuming the presidency after seeing the ensuing disasters with young rulers in Europe.  As reported Trump has stubby fingers and small hands.  The size of his hands must meet the requirement set forth by the swearing-in rules.  The hand he places on the special ceremonial Bible must at least fit the rough outline of an adult hand imprinted on the cover.

DC insiders claim Trump’s organization is trying to suppress this critical detail from the public.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tapping Back Into The Dead Past

Hmmmm, what is it about this display that makes the food appear to be so unappetizing?

(C) 2016 Luke T. Bush


This evening I returned to the PlattInfo kiosk on City Hall Place to see how well its touchscreen worked.  From what I've heard this long dead kiosk sprang back to life around a month ago.

Three information kiosks were installed back in 2013 but have spent most of their time dead, black screens.  Their purpose was to promote the city and its businesses, providing a convenient on-screen guide.

The one at the city parking lot remains dead and I'm assuming the one on Dock Street is in the same condition. (Too cold for me to walk down there and check it out.)

So how well does this revived one work?  The screen was still dirty (see previous article here) but since I was wearing gloves I decided to try a few taps.  The screen lead me to listings of various businesses but the information was outdated.  (Also the images bled off the screen, parts of the ads were missing.)  For example there was the ad for the General Trading Company, a store that closed in August 2015.  Another ghost that popped up was the Adirondack Soup Company, a restaurant defunct since 2013.

It's ironical that these companies paid for this advertising and now it's being shown long after they closed their doors.

Even if the kiosks can be restored with updated info what's the point?   The PlattInfo units are obsolete.  The same information can be found online through portable devices, cellphones and tablets.

Tax money well spent.  But the "savings" doesn't end there.  How much will it cost to remove the units and fix the spots where they stood?

Item: City residents are upset over the possibility that the tax rate might take a double digit jump.

Gee, could wasteful spending be part of the problem?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Back From The Dead But With A Dirty Face

© 2016 Luke T. Bush


This evening a light across the street caught my attention, shining bright in the winter dark.  Closer inspection revealed that a PlattInfo kiosk that has spent months with a blank screen was back to life.

It’s the unit on City Hall Place near the Verdantique Park plaque.  In the past the only sign of life from the unit was an electrical hum heard when standing close to it.  (Apparently it still had a pulse.)  The kiosk is one of three that were installed years ago to provide information to downtown visitors.  The units worked for a while but have spent most of their existence as metal tombstones.  Thousands of dollars spent on another Sap City boondoggle. (Previous articles on this subject can be found here and there.)

The other unit down the street near the city parking lot was still blank.  I’m assuming the third one on Dock Street near the Seagull Parking Lot is still dead.  But it’s better to light one PlattInfo kiosk than to curse the dark.

The revived kiosk now displays in slide show mode ads for local businesses.  I wonder if these are the same businesses that paid for photonic promotion when PlattInfo was launched.  Out of thousands of dollars expended maybe the city will see a few cents use from the unit.

The display looks great but there is one problem: backlit dirty spots mar the screen.  The unclean surface renders the impression of a zombie that dug himself out of his grave but didn’t have a chance to wash up.  The dark smears interfere with screen viewing.  Also gives downtown an untidy look like dogshit on the sidewalks.

I didn’t have a damp rag to clean the screen.  Then again it’s not my job.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Public Library Expansion

© 2016 Luke T. Bush


Let the crumbling begin.

The new front steps to the Plattsburgh Public Library are falling apart despite renovations that were initiated in November 2015.  Within a few months of the project’s completion long hairline cracks developed in the concrete.

Now those hairline cracks have expanded to one quarter inch or more in width, necessitating a stopgap fill in the gaps.

For over a decade the library entrance has been one of the biggest eyesore embarrassments in the community.  The old steps crumbled to such a point that sections couldn’t be repaired.  Orange spray paint marked the unfixable sections, a warning to the unwary.

The new steps are around one year old.  They already display the shoddy workmanship of the previous ones.

In the news: Plattsburgh City taxpayers might have to suffer a tax increase onus around 23%.  Part of the problem: half-ass projects like the new library entrance.

Friday, December 02, 2016


Too Foggy To Fly

Friday, November 25, 2016

Reflective Demonstrator

Peace & Unity Rally: The Long View

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Batgirl To The Rescue!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Dissenter


This afternoon a boisterous but non-confrontational rally held at Trinity Park expressed progressive concerns through handheld signs: global warming, gay rights, etc.  The signs also expressed a willingness to reach out to others, trying to overcome political differences in light of Trump winning the presidential election: Unity, Love, Peace.  Drivers honked in agreement as they drove by. Someone with an opposing view across the street expressed his opinion with the classic throat-slashing gesture.

Update:  11/28/16  The man in the photo says he was provoked when someone in the Peace & Unity rally shouted "Fuck Trump."  He questioned the sincerity of the rally members regarding their message of unity.  As a Trump supporter he's against socialism and communism, for example, free college.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Racism Is Not A Plattsburgh Value

Plattsburgh City, NY - Nov. 18, 2016

(C) 2016 Luke T. Bush

A colorful sign drawn in large letters on the sidewalk catches my eye.  LOVE  ZONE.

I stop to photograph the sidewalk chalk message.  A woman -- the owner of a restaurant -- pauses to tell me the story behind the sign.  Her neighbor -- a fellow restaurateur -- has been the target of harassment by racists.

Online I learn more about the situation (see link below.)

Tenzin Dorjee is a naturalized citizen who co-owns the Himalaya Restaurant.  He immigrated from Bhutan, a kingdom in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia.  Tenzin has felt welcome in the North Country -- that is until Donald Trump became President-elect. Since then the restaurateur has encountered racial slurs in public.  One time a car driver cut Tenzin off, shooting him the middle finger gesture.  Tenzin is concerned the harassment won't stop there.

Across the US ignorant bigots are emboldened by Trump's win.  Not surprising since the Republican stirred up so much hatred during his campaign with his Us versus Them rhetoric.

Lately Trump has taken the edge off of his extreme xenophobic rhetoric.  He stated that there should be no acts of discrimination. But his fervent white supremacist followers think: "He's just saying that for the public.  He's really one of us."

Be aware.  Amerika is rising.

Source: Harassed, afraid, a North Country immigrant fights back with love - Zach Hirsch


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Series Kicks Off With Locally Lensed Movie

PLATTBURGH CITY, NY -- Nov. 16, 2016   The Third Lake Champlain International Film Festival opened its five day run with Frozen River, a crime/drama lensed in the North Country.  Writer/Director Courtney Hunt (pictured above) made a special visit to Plattsburgh to introduce her movie at the Strand.  

Actress Melissa Leo (pictured below) who portrayed the protagonist in Frozen River delivered a special message via a video recording to the audience.  She thanked locals who greatly helped with the film's production.

Only ten dollars provides access to all film showings during the festival. More info on the series at this link: http://bit.ly/2fXUqe5