Thursday, March 05, 2020



Yesterday city workers sprayed and wiped down this Trinity Park bench to remove crow shit. But as usual the crows returned last night and sat in the tree above, crapping all over the clean slate. The other benches were wiped down but they are also accumulating crow shit. Attacking the symptom but not the cause. There are ways to deal with the crows:

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

Sort of reminds me of passing through Biloxi Mississippi back in the early '90s, and strolling along the beach area just off U.S. 90 (close to the I-110 entrance/exit/terminus and restaurants/hotels and such)
...and I couldn't find one place to sit down and rest, even though there were plenty of benches on the piers----yes, you guessed it: SEAGULLS!!!!!!! (the only places one could find to sit were inside a SHONEYS or McDonalds).