Friday, March 27, 2020

Sign Of The Times

Equal Under The Law

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Two days ago a moose was wandering around the city. This incident reminds me of the time a bear cub visited here. I was down at the shit water treatment plant by the lake with my camera and spotted him. I didn't approach him, just used the telephoto end of my zoom lens to grab a couple of shots. The little guy took off into the brush and I kept walking, not running, to get another image. A DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) officer ordered me and another photographer who also happened to be there to leave the area because we would scare the cub.

That was funny because the police chief at that time was driving around in his official vehicle. He pulled up near me and asked if I had seen the cub. Then he took off with his young daughters standing in the front seat, chasing the cub so that his kids could get a good look. I think a guy walking with a camera is less scary than a speeding SUV.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Thursday, March 05, 2020



Yesterday city workers sprayed and wiped down this Trinity Park bench to remove crow shit. But as usual the crows returned last night and sat in the tree above, crapping all over the clean slate. The other benches were wiped down but they are also accumulating crow shit. Attacking the symptom but not the cause. There are ways to deal with the crows:

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Saint Pat Cat

Scrub Time


I feel sorry for these two men stuck with cleaning off the crow shit splattered all over the benches in Trinity Park. This only attacks the symptom, not the cause. There are measures that can be taken to control the crow problem. Until those measures are taken city employees will be called out again to scrub down the latest carpet-bombings.

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Let's Crow About Downtown!

WARNING: The link below will take you to  disgusting image.  I'm sharing this image to once again to point out a chronic problem the city continues to ignore.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tedra Cobb Meets & Greets

By Luke T. Bush


About 50 people this evening showed up at the Koffee Kat to interact with Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives Tedra Cobb, New York Congressional District 21. She as been traveling throughout the congressional district -- all 1700 square miles -- to hear from voters and share her views, trying to meet as many people as she can. She explained: "It's not about me, it's about you."

She is running against pro-Trump Republican Elise Stefanik. Tedra point out that in the beginning Elise promoted herself as a moderate but now the incumbent has proven she's not one for moderation. President Donald Trump's policies are usually Elise's policies such as her vote vote against the Affordable Care Act (ACA.)

Tedra questioned how much attention Elise was spending on her constituents in the her district. Elise is now serving Trump as one of his NYS honorary re-election campaign chairs. Time spent campaigning for Trump meant less time to work for NY-21.

One issue discussed was health care. Tedra said she preferred a public option over a universal health care plan. One attendee said that ACA wasn't benefiting her because she was a "smidgen" over the eligibility limit.

Tedra stressed that when she served on the St. Lawrence County Legislature Democrats and Republicans worked together. If elected she will try to bring more unity between those parties in the House of Representatives.

She said if voters send the same politicians back to Washington, DC they will get the same results.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Crow Crap

They're back.


(C) 2020 Luke T. Bush

One night a taxi driver was sitting in his vehicle, waiting for his next call when something hit his roof. Silence. Then something else hit his roof. Again and again.

Nocturnal squirrels dropping nuts on his vehicle? No. It was a mob of crows perched in the tree above him, carpet-bombing with their crap as usual.

Last winter I reported on the problem, long stretches of sidewalks covered with the disgusting droppings. It was as bad as the chronic dogshit problem.

But like with dogshit Plattsburgh City has failed to address crows defecating on downtown. Of course the city has passed bans on fracking, plastic straws, and public smoking in wide open areas which all take precedence over animal scat.

Auburn, NY has earned the unenviable sobriquet Crow City. Crows have plagued the city for years but at least it takes action. In the evening exploding firecrackers drive away the pests.

There are options to deal with the crow problem. Just Google the keywords "crow deterrent" and a plethora of answers will pop up on the screen.

Maybe the city will cry "No money."  Well there are some free options available, The video below can be downloaded, using hawk calls to drive off the black vexations.

Or how about a crow in distress recording? When a raucous gathering disturbed my sleep early in the morning I played the recording linked below with a boombox in an open window. Good riddance. No mobs have returned, just one solitary crow, so this seems to work.

I could go on but I'm not paid to do research for the city. There's no excuse to allowing another winter of splattered Corvus crap to adorn the city.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Adirondack Art House Meet & Greet

By Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - 1/25/20  Today local artists checked out a new creative outlet. Located at 131 Cornelia Street in Plattsburgh City, Adirondack Art House provides a spot to sell, share and learn. After entering underneath the misleading pickle company sign you will be greeted by an array of artwork for purchase.

When Kristine Minster (above) moved to the North Country she left behind a successful business in the Finger Lakes area.  With the Art House she hopes to reestablish Sew Surprised! which offers clothing, fashion acccesories and home decor items.  She can be contacted at .

More info about Adirondack Art House: Denise Duprey, 518-335-5753 or .

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Focus On Macro

Extreme close up photography -- macrophotography -- is difficult. Sometimes you're only dealing with a slender slice that is in focus, 1/16th of an inch or less. I recently purchased a macro sliding rail that makes focusing easier with a tripod, moving the camera and lens instead of the tripod or the subject. Now that I can shoot a number of photos with a progressive series of an object at different focus points and combine those images into one sharper image thanks to focus stacking software. I'm still learning this new technique but so far I'm doing OK. You can see the difference in the depth of field with the photos below, unstacked and stacked, of the eye in a peacock feather.

Click on each image to enlarge to see the difference in detail. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

City Doesn't Shovel Its Sidewalks


Some pedestrians had to walk in the street due to unshoveled sidewalks this morning. Sidewalks offer safer passage for pedestrians over streets.

The sidewalks not shoveled were adjacent to city property, Trinity Park and the parking lot on the corner of Margaret and Court streets.

Under city regulations it is stated:

295-40 Duty to remove ice and snow.
It shall be the duty of the owner of a developed or vacant lot that adjoins a public sidewalk to remove or clear snow and ice from such public sidewalk within 24 hours after the end of a snow or ice event, as publicly declared by a designated City official. Except as provided herein, the entire width of the sidewalk shall be cleared, edge to edge, creating conditions that allow safe pedestrian travel and preventing any accumulation of ice and/or snow, or impenetrable ice/snow that is not treated to prevent slipping.

Usually the city sends out a notice about the end of a storm but I didn't see any. Even then most businesses have shoveled their sidewalks bare so why can't the city do the same?

One could say today is a holiday and that gives the city an excuse. Really. Check the photo of the Court Street sidewalk adjacent to Clinton County property: the whole stretch is completely clear while directly across the street snow and ice covers the city sidewalk.

Once again Plattsburgh City leads by example.


More unshoveled sidewalks seen this afternoon: City Hall, Verdantique Park, and Smith-Weed Bridge.

If you're young and healthy no problem trudging through.  A senior citizen with limited mobility?  Tough.

For a real obstacle course check out Smith-Weed Bridge.  A passing city snowplow has clogged the sidewalks but without any shoveling to fix the problem.

Having a heart attack while shoveling snow is bad enough but how about having one while slogging through on a sidewalk piled over two feet deep with the white crap?

Monday, January 06, 2020

Cop Runs Stop Sign, Totals Civilian Vehicle, Insurance Company Won't Pay

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

That night in October 2019 Jonathan Mackenzie Parker was delivering pizza as usual when -- as he explains -- BAM!

He had the right of way at the intersection of Clinton and Marion streets. Without warning -- no flashing lights or siren -- a Plattsburgh Police Department car shot through, ignoring the stop sign, totaling Jonathan's car.

The incident was recorded by a dashcam camera in a car parked down the street. The accompanying video shows the violent impact.

The police officers were responding to the report of someone on the loose with a knife. According to Jonathan both officers were taken away by ambulance. The photos below show the extensive damage to his car.

The Plattsburgh PD told Jonathan that the police officer was at fault and that he would be compensated by the department's insurance company. He says the police report and the investigating officer stated the police driver who ran into him was at fault.

In a Press-Republican newspaper article  about the crash dated Oct 28, 2019 Police Chief Levi Ritter was quoted: "They proceeded through an intersection (with Clinton Street) as carefully as possible, but collided with another vehicle... There’s no good way to say this; the officer was at fault.”

So Jonathan thought he would be reimbursed. Working 60 hours a week at Pizza Bono meant his car provided a source of income. He says he was without a car for a week until he was able to purchase another vehicle to get back to work.

Jonathan: "I had to drop all my savings on a new [car] and it put me behind on my rent and other bills."

But the insurance money would help him out -- or so he thought.

The insurance company for the Plattsburgh PD refuses to pay out. In a letter sent to Jonathan the company stated:

"Tokio Marine HCC - Public Risk Group insures claims on the behalf of US Specialty Insurance Company (USSIC) and The Tokio HCC Public Risk Program through which the City of Plattsburgh, NY is insured. We have received notice of your above-referenced claim seeking recovery of property damage arising out of a motor vehicle accident that occurred on or about the above stated date of loss...

"Our investigation has revealed the underlying the Claim occurred during the course of a call by our insured police vehicle, and therefore, the City of Plattsburgh is entitled to governmental immunity in this matter... Our investigation found no evidence to suggested the alleged actions of the operator of the police vehicle would meet the 'reckless disregard' standard."

No siren, no flashing lights, running a stop sign. No reckless disregard?

Jonathan: "I'm kinda low on options [to deal with the insurance company denial.] To be honest this whole thing has been pretty demoralizing. Like all I did was drive straight down the street and then all of a sudden my life is turned upside down. It's been all my responsibility to get all this done. I'm the one making all the calls, filling out paperwork and doing all the work. And it's just so unfair."

* * *

Here are previous articles I've written about Plattsburgh PD cars speeding along without sirens on.