Saturday, April 06, 2019

Art Pops Up For An Evening

By Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - April 6, 2019

Usually the space at 30 City Hall Place is empty, waiting for an event.

This evening City Well was filled with horses, rabbits, owls, giraffes and lions, the vivid art of Liz Droege.   She attended the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY.  After graduating in 1984 she was too busy with her family to pursue her interest in art until two years ago.  Even though she learned graphic illustration in college she found herself bringing animals to life with acrylics and water colors. 

Usually she doesn't pre-visualize her work.  Instead she paints as she goes, expressing her emotion with an impressionistic style.

Her favorite animal subject?  Lions.  Liz is concerned that mankind is destroying animals with poaching and climate change.

Artist Liz Droege.
Mixed Drinks and Mixed Media sponsored the event.  It previously held a pop-up group art show at the same spot.  Building owner Ben Clark transformed the ground floor space into City Well, an adaptable location where a variety of events could be held: music performances, plays, dance classes, activities reflecting community interests.

To contact Ben for more info on City Well you can contact him at . 

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Lizzidroege said...

Thank you Luke it was a pleasure meeting you and the event was lovely thank you to all who attended hope to see you next time! Lizzi