Monday, March 18, 2019

Angry Asshole Harasses Writog

© 2019 Luke T. Bush 


Study the above photo.  What do you see? A clear shot of a car?

Around 12:40 PM today I was picking up a sandwich at a Clinton Street eatery for a friend who was working through lunchtime.  I noticed a light pattern in the street created by sunlight reflecting off windows.  Suddenly someone from an open second story window started shouting at me. 

"Stop taking photographs of my car!" Apparently he was referring to a car parked in the street, whatever one it was. 

I looked up and told him I wasn't photographing his car but instead light patterns in the street. 

He insisted: "You're photographing my car!"

I told him I could photograph anything in public view. 

While I waited for the order inside the eatery I noticed the angry idiot across the street staring at me.  He asked his roommate/friend to come to the window so he could point me out.  Then they disappeared inside. 

During my argument in the street I told the asshole if he had a problem then call the police.  The police never arrived. 

But I made sure to call the PD to file a report in case another incident should happen. 

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

Some people think they own all of society. Everything belongs to them, and the rest of us are all intruders infringing on all their rights and property.

And too many think the police are a branch of "customer service" ready to serve all their personal needs and requests.