Saturday, January 05, 2019

Another Reason To Hate Film

After a lot of work it still looks washed out.

By Luke T. Bush

The quality of this set of photos (link below) from the year 2000 is sub-par.  With film you don't know if there's a problem until the negatives are processed.  After I shot this local rock/punk show in a church basement I discovered that the poor image quality was due to fungus growing inside my Sigma lens.  None of my other lens have turned fungoid.  I won't buy Sigma again.

The fungus obscured detail in each shot by degrading details with its filmy layer and also by creating glare to further reduce details.  And to add to the fun the fungus shifted the color to crap. I converted some shots to black & white because I couldn't correct the color.  As before I had to frequently use the clone-and-heal stamp to remove dust threads and particles.  More time was added from trying pull to out a halfway decent digital image with each neg.

At least I was able to salvage something out of this fungoid fuck-up.

The complete set can be found here

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

What kind of worship services do punk rock bands accompany?