Sunday, June 09, 2019

The Denier


Another day, another peaceful demonstration in Trinity Park, Downtown Plattsburgh.  The event was organized by The Climate Reality Project, Northern Adirondack Region, NY Chapter to keep the public aware of the climate change threat.

The demonstration attracted the attention of a denier -- the man with his back to the camera -- who claimed that the Earth was an organism with a self-filtering system to handle any bad stuff.  I assume this system acts like a planetary liver.

The denier went on for twenty minutes.

Patience is a virtue.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

TRASHburgh Gets Graphic

By Luke T. Bush

Shannon Stott-Rigsbee prepares the sign for the TRASHburgh Comix launch party. 


TRASHburgh has invaded another medium: comic books.

Previous TRASHburgh projects include an online video series that take a wry (or more accurately awry) look at local news and events.

Tedium created the impetus for the comic.  Creators Matt Hall and Chris Stott-Rigsbee will attest six months of winter results in abysmal boredom.

To launch the first issue of TRASHburgh Comix -- # 0 -- a meet and greet was held Friday evening at the pop up space City Well at 30 City Hall Place.

The plan is to publish seasonally, the next issue to appear this fall.

The first printing sold out and more will be available later through .  For more info: .

Co-creators Dom Monett and Lydia Meises produced the lead story "The Crows"
based upon an actual situation during the winter: crows mobbing in trees and fecally carpet bombing downtown.

TRASHburgh Comix contributor Liz Allen discusses her art.

Chris Stott-Rigsbee gives an overview of his merch.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sailing Through Window Paintings


Artist Lorrie Mandigo takes advantage of the sunny weather to paint window images promoting the Mayor's Cup event this summer.  She has started early due to all of the rainy weather.  In the past the paintings would melt in the hot sun but Lorrie says by prepping with a white base coat and using acrylic paint the images are more heat resistant.  She tries to finish three window paintings each day.

Spirited But Not Mean

By Luke T. Bush


They're back.  Fewer in number but just as committed.

As promised demonstrators showed up again this Thursday evening to express their views about how the city plans to spend the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) state grant money.  Among their concerns is that the major part of the grant is targeted to rip up the Durkee Street parking lot, displacing convenient parking and the Farmers Market to build a new residential building for higher income renters.

One demonstrator told me she voted for Colin Read but she wouldn't the next mayoral election.  The topic came up because today the Press-Republican reported Read decided to run again in 2020, a surprise to some people.

The PR article mentioned the DRI controversy, concerned citizens speaking out at Common Council meetings and holding demonstrations in front of City Hall.

Mayor Read was quoted: "It's just something about the culture these days -- not just here, but everywhere....There's a lot of meanspiritedness and anger going on out there for all kinds of different reasons."

I've covered a couple of demonstrations and never noticed any nastiness when speaking to the protesters.  And while it can't be regarded as a proper survey a number of drivers passing by honked their support.

Demonstrators state the crux of the DRI controversy is that city doesn't listen to constituents who ask questions but never get real answers.  They say city officials have made their plans and ignore any dissident.

This month downtown property owner David Merkel resigned from the City of Plattsburgh Parking Advisory Committee that was formed to deal with the relocation of spaces from Durkee Street lot.  He said he felt that the committee's input was unwanted.

Apparently the city has decided what it will do and that's it.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Springing To Life

NAMI-CV Open Mic


Another open mic evening at Koffee Kat featured a variety of talent.  NAMI-CV (National Alliance on Mental Illness -- Champlain Valley) and the Anti-Stigma Coalition organized the event that was open to all.  To request more information on the next open mic check out or call  (518) 561-2685 during normal business hours.  

Ayhan Poppa Han Ozyesil of the NAMI-CV Impeerium Peer Network 
hosted the open mic.

Stream of consciousness poet punctuated his rap with a flute.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Images From A Demonstration


While the city council met inside demonstrators rallied outside at the city hall entrance Thursday evening to voice their concerns of how the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative) grant was going to be spent.  One major point: it was impractical to convert the Durkee Street parking lot to have residential housing while displacing parking spaces, trying to recreate those spaces elsewhere.  The demonstrators plan to rally every Thursday evening when the city council is in session.

Protest prep.

Plenty of media coverage: TV, radio and newspapers.

City Councilor Rachelle Armstrong (center) discusses DRI issues
 with rally organizer Christina Nori.

Now accordion to one demonstrator...

Reflective demonstrator.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Demonstrators Vocalize Opposition To Downtown Redevelopment Plan


Demonstrators expressed their displeasure with a lively chant directed at Mayor Colin Read outside City Hall while the mayor was inside coordinating a city council meeting.  The crowd was upset that The Powers That Be were turning a deaf ear to their comments about the DRI (Downtown Revitalization Initiative). Their main concern was most of the money was being set aside to redevelop the Durkee Street parking lot, resulting in the displacement of many convenient parking spots.  If the project goes forward many believe that it will result in a negative impact on downtown businesses, employees, and residents.

Vines Vandalized! Information Sought


Vandals struck earlier today, tearing down the awesome natural net behind Koffee Kat.  The vines were trashed into an ugly pile, leaving house sparrows homeless.  Strangely the Koffee Kat patio section was the only area defiled.   A wall of neighboring vines remained untouched.

The KK owner will be checking footage from surveillance cameras.  Any information regarding the nature of the mastermind behind this heinous act can be shared with the appropriate authorities.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Art Pops Up For An Evening

By Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - April 6, 2019

Usually the space at 30 City Hall Place is empty, waiting for an event.

This evening City Well was filled with horses, rabbits, owls, giraffes and lions, the vivid art of Liz Droege.   She attended the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY.  After graduating in 1984 she was too busy with her family to pursue her interest in art until two years ago.  Even though she learned graphic illustration in college she found herself bringing animals to life with acrylics and water colors. 

Usually she doesn't pre-visualize her work.  Instead she paints as she goes, expressing her emotion with an impressionistic style.

Her favorite animal subject?  Lions.  Liz is concerned that mankind is destroying animals with poaching and climate change.

Artist Liz Droege.
Mixed Drinks and Mixed Media sponsored the event.  It previously held a pop-up group art show at the same spot.  Building owner Ben Clark transformed the ground floor space into City Well, an adaptable location where a variety of events could be held: music performances, plays, dance classes, activities reflecting community interests.

To contact Ben for more info on City Well you can contact him at . 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Worm Super Moon Over Lake Champlain

Pink Super Moon Rising

Still too cold for earthworms to poke up though the ground.  They're still in suspended animation down inside the frozen terra firma.

Super Moonlight On Ice 

Super Moon Framed