Friday, November 09, 2018

Congrats To "Marry"


Today's Press-Republican "news"paper had a special supplement: 2018 Reader's Choice Awards.  The winners in various categories/services were revealed including attorney MaryAnne Bukolt-Rider.

Accuracy is important to a newspaper whether it be an article or an advertisement.  But two announcements on page 15 caught my eye.  Not only MaryAnne was chosen as best attorney but she also won in the hearing aids category.

As far as I know MaryAnne doesn't sell hearing aids.  I did a quick Google search and her name didn't pop up.  There is a hearing aid shop on the same street as her office but the Press-Republican -- which prides itself on "excellence" -- couldn't have mixed up the two winners, eh?

While I'm not sure the winner in the attorney category doesn't run a hearing aid company on the side, I do know one key point: her name is MaryAnne, not Marry Anne.

Take Pride, Press-Republican!

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

No, I'm not interested in marrying Anne Bukolt-Ryder.
Strange ad, that. She should try to find a fiance the more traditional way.