Friday, March 24, 2017

Another Snowplowing Genius

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY -- March 24, 2017

(Note: You getting sick of all of these posts about sidewalks not properly cleared of snow?  I don't have a car: I mainly get around on foot.  I'm getting really tired of this bullshit.  With this problem the city guns its engine in neutral, making a lot of sound but going nowhere.)

Now this is really Plattsburgh City Smart [TM].  Another snowplow operator has created a snowbank blocking a sidewalk, this time on Lozier Place.
On the other side of this small mountain range the sidewalk is clear.  The snowplow operator just pushed the snow so far, stopping at the neighboring driveway. Brilliant.  A cleared stretch leading to a dead end.  I've seen pedestrians get annoyed when they start down one of these dead ends and realize they have to backup and go around.   At least the property owner has a open sidewalk in front of his place, just perfect for his own benefit but not for others.

Time to send out info to property owners and snowplow companies for hire to stop this nonsense.  Of course this is logical, plain common sense, but not Plattsburgh City Smart [TM].

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

The problem here in Columbus Ohio is too much construction.
It would be one thing if they would just work on one or two projects at a time, finish them, and THEN move on to the next project.

But they go and tear up one block after another, and then take forever to build whatever it is they're putting up.

Everywhere you try to go it's "Do Not Enter" or "Sidewalk Closed".
Doesn't matter whether driving, walking, or bicycling. Getting around is damn near impossible.