Thursday, January 05, 2017

Devil In The Details?

Technicality Could Block Trump From Swearing In

By Sue Doe, Ersatz News Service

A little known rule pertaining to the swearing-in of a new president might keep President-elect Donald Trump from gaining control of the White House.

The Founding Fathers wanted to prevent any unqualified “boy kings” from assuming the presidency after seeing the ensuing disasters with young rulers in Europe.  As reported Trump has stubby fingers and small hands.  The size of his hands must meet the requirement set forth by the swearing-in rules.  The hand he places on the special ceremonial Bible must at least fit the rough outline of an adult hand imprinted on the cover.

DC insiders claim Trump’s organization is trying to suppress this critical detail from the public.

1 comment:

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Now that he's entered the realm of politics he can learn to be just as corrupt as all the others.

Being a quintessential CEO he should already have a good head start in the "corruption" and "duplicity" departments.