Monday, December 19, 2016

Public Library Expansion

© 2016 Luke T. Bush


Let the crumbling begin.

The new front steps to the Plattsburgh Public Library are falling apart despite renovations that were initiated in November 2015.  Within a few months of the project’s completion long hairline cracks developed in the concrete.

Now those hairline cracks have expanded to one quarter inch or more in width, necessitating a stopgap fill in the gaps.

For over a decade the library entrance has been one of the biggest eyesore embarrassments in the community.  The old steps crumbled to such a point that sections couldn’t be repaired.  Orange spray paint marked the unfixable sections, a warning to the unwary.

The new steps are around one year old.  They already display the shoddy workmanship of the previous ones.

In the news: Plattsburgh City taxpayers might have to suffer a tax increase onus around 23%.  Part of the problem: half-ass projects like the new library entrance.

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

I don't get why society keeps hiring incompetents for positions of responsibility. Aren't there any qualified applicants out there they could put in those positions?
Or, maybe, any qualified applicants there may be out there either have records for minor criminal offenses, or had conflicts on their last job so their job performance record is a bit blotched. You know: "Reasons for rejecting".