Friday, September 02, 2016

Rock-Throwin' Rednecks

(C) 2016 Luke T. Bush


During the evening the spot where the Saranac River flows into Lake Champlain is usually placid.  For me it's an opportunity to photograph the ducks floating by in the water.

Of course all that is wrecked when a couple of redneck kids hurl stones at the ducks, hoping to injure them.  After a couple of close calls for the ducks I yelled at the rock-throwers to stop.

Hanging in the background was a redneck adult who didn't mind if the kids broke out a duck's wing or put out a duck's eye.

The kids resented my interruption of their vicious fun.

I noticed a set-up down the river where the three knuckle-draggers were fishing, folding chair and some rods.  They picked up their equipment and skulked off.  Was any catch for food or torture?

So why the cruelty towards the ducks?  This points to the major tragedy of the North Country: inbreeding with diseased farm animals.  The rednecks acted out of jealousy, knowing that their IQs would never approach that of an average duck.  

In case I needed to ID them later I noted their prominent features, especially their troglodyte sloped foreheads.

Of course after the encounter I kept looking over my shoulder.  If someone is stupid enough to throw rocks at ducks then it wouldn't be surprising if they used the same attack against a person.

So this time no ducks were hurt but there's always tomorrow, another opportunity to wound some harmless creatures.  

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

That's the problem with this world: You "offend" someone or piss them off and they have the right to terrorize you (or at least assassinate your character)
...or, even worse, accuse YOU of harassing them.