Monday, December 14, 2015

Where's My Comet?

(C) 2015  Luke T. Bush

The night sky has remained on the unimpressive side since the 1997 visit by Hale-Bopp.  There have been stories that other approaching comets would be just as spectacular as HB but they turned out to be fizzle, not fireworks.

These images are scanned from negatives, a process that was unnecessarily complicated thanks to Canon, my scanner's maker.  The company doesn't offer an updated driver for Windows 10 compatibility with its Canoscan program.  I had to use my old computer to do the basic work (Vista) and then wrapped it up on the new one (W10.).  Apparently Canon wants me to go out and buy their latest scanner. Sure, I'm gonna do that with my limited budget -- when Hale-Bopp returns.  

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