Monday, December 14, 2015

There Isn't A Planet B

(C) 2015 Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - Dec. 12, 2015

Patches of green grass that should have been buried under snow were scattered on the bare ground.  Demonstrators gathered at McDonough Monument wearing light jackets, not bundled up in parkas. A speaker observed the mild weather was evidence of climate change.

Later during the march some chanted for snow.

Meanwhile in Paris an international conference (COP21) hadn't made any announcement about mutually agreeing to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

With that in mind three activist organizations combined their energies late Saturday morning to hold a rally and march in downtown Plattsburgh to  promote awareness of the global warming threat.

Concerned citizens gathered with members from Plattsburgh, Mothers Out Front, and People for Positive Action at McDonough Monument to listen to a few speakers address the problem.

The large bronze eagle atop the monument watched the gray skies but no raindrops fell. 

Plattsburgh City Councilor Mike Kelly pointed back at the nearby Saranac River, saying that it was one of the city's great resources.  This natural resource could be ruin by drastic changes in the climate induced by greenouse gases.  He mentioned his Southern accent, saying obviously he wasn't from around here.  After he relocated from Tennessee he quickly grew to appreciate the natural beauty of the North Country.

Peru native Mike Derrick took to the podium to share his concerns.  He referred to Congressperson Elise Stefanik, how he didn't agree with the Republican Representative's views on the environment.  That reason among others, he continued, was why he was going to run against Stefanik in the next election.

With loud chants the demonstrators marched to Champlain Monument and then back to pose on the front steps of City Hall. The penultimate stop was at Stefanik's local office to deliver a petition.

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