Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Only A Couple Of Minutes

Two things I hate: liars and bad service.

Two weeks ago I stopped in to Hobie's Sports bar in downtown Plattsburgh for a pizza slice.  It wasn't too busy that evening.  They told me they didn't have any slices to go  but a pie was in the oven and would be ready "in a couple of minutes."

I waited. And waited.  Half-an-hour later the slice was ready.

This evening I stopped in at Hobie's to grab a slice and go.  Two plain slices were sitting  behind the counter window but I was told they were promised to someone else. They said a pie was in the oven and slices would be ready "in a couple of minutes."

Three different pies come out of the oven for delivery and in-house eating.  Apparently there was no pie in the oven that would provide slices "in a couple of minutes."  I wait over fifteen minutes and leave.

I've gone to many pizza places and they were honest about how long it would take.  Usually they had slices ready to go in a few minutes after being warmed up in the oven.

Hobie's is the first place to ask me to pre-pay for my pizza but I declined.  I'm glad I did or I would be waiting "only two minutes" for a refund.

Next time I'll get a supermarket frozen pizza and toss it in the microwave oven.  The directions on the box don't lie about how long it actually takes.  Also the microwave oven provides good service.

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

Hobie's Sports Bar:
Owned and run by laided-off bureaucrats and former CEOs.