Thursday, July 09, 2015

Kill The Hippie Protesters!

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(C) 2015 Luke T. Bush


Civil disobedience brings out the love in some people.  Especially the conservative types.

I scanned the comments at pertaining to the news story about activists chaining themselves to fuel delivery trucks, protesting the use of fossil fuels in general and fracking in particular.  [ ]

The hateful comments against the protesters are probably hyperbole but you wonder how far someone might go if he "could get away with it."

Of course the WCAX-TV site was probably one of many that had similar comments posted. But after reading the over-the-top comments at I felt I needn't go further to find such vehemence elsewhere.

For example:

   -- Francis B. Callahan: "I wouldn't stop for a bunch of idiots in the middle of the road" 

   -- Steve Farrow:  "Run them over, drag them! you want to play stupid then stupid things should happen!"

   -- NEK Snowmobile trail updates:  "Cut these bastartds (sic) arms off,... then next time their legs... waste of human skin these morons."

Can you feel the love?

To be fair allowed a variety of comments, especially from those defending the protesters.  One pro-protester took one right-winger to task for his extreme comment, saying that if the right-winger wasn't being humorous then he should be reported to the police.

But don't take my word for it.  Below are more screencap excerpts of the angry anti-protester comments.   Note that there weren't any implied threats of violence from the liberals or moderates.

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