Sunday, September 07, 2014

Luge On The Loose Downtown

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - Saturday  9/6/2014

So how do you luge in September with the temps way above freezing?

Substitute a sloping dry city street for an icy run and slap wheels on the sleds.

As part of the First Weekend events a Slider Search was held on Bridge Street for young tyros from 9 to 12 years old.  The street was blocked to traffic from mid-afternoon to evening, a ramp set up near Margaret Street intersection.  Straw safety bales lined both sides of the street; orange and yellow traffic cones served as markers for the course.

USA Luge was in town looking for future Olympian lugers.  Only one of the competitors had training so it was a real challenge for most participants to steer the sleds downhill between the cones.

Trophy shirts were awarded after the event wrapped up.

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