Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just A Few Windmills

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush

The next time you're driving through the Ellenburg-Chateaugay area keep a sharp eye out for windmills.  There's a few of them generating electrical power in that neck of the woods.  You might just notice one.  (The towers aren't that tall.)

On its website Noble Environmental Power ( describes itself as "a leading wind energy company with a 726-megawatt generation portfolio comprised of 484 GE 1.5 wind turbines" in New York State and Texas.

Here are the totals found on the Noble site for the number of wind turbines spinning in each local windpark (North Country New York):

Altona:  65

Chateaugay: 71

Clinton: 67

Ellenburg: 54

Like I said, just a few.  Don't blink or you'll miss them.

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