Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Collapse And Evacuation

Daytime view: collapsed section.

 PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - Sat. 8/11/14  10 PM

An employee at Chefy's Bar and Grill described it like a bomb going off.

It was bricks, not a bomb, that made the violent noise.  Before 10 PM part of the exterior wall on the south side of the building that houses Chefy's gave way.  The section that collapsed - located around the third floor area - left debris on the roof on the rear wing of the Trinity Church rectory.

Everyone was evacuated from the building including tenants living in apartments on the second and third floors.  Some tenants not present during the collapse rushed to the building located at 124-126 Margaret Street to see what happened.  They had to wait before they were allowed to enter to retrieve some personal belongings and pets.

A spotlight from a fire truck was used to check the ruined wall to see if the problem was in check.  The damage seemed to be confined mostly to the exterior of the building.

Just after the collapse.

Closed early.

Pet relocation.

*  *  *

Mon.  8/12/14

Mid-afternoon.  The building remains closed as contractors examine the situation and decide how to fix the problem.  The Trinity Church rector's office still had debris sitting on its roof.  According to someone at the church one window to the office was broken from the falling bricks.

Rectory rooftop rubble.

Considering options.

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