Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Question Of Accessibility

An example of what can be found online for wheelchair threshold ramps. 

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Note to ambulatory citizens: the next time you're in downtown Plattsburgh pretend you're in a wheelchair while entering various locations.  What can be accomplished in one easy step, you'll notice, is difficult, even impossible, for a wheelchair user.

Many entrances downtown are raised above the sidewalk level.  Even two or three inches in height can impede a wheelchair.

This issue was raised recently when an event for a political candidate was scheduled at a downtown restaurant.  It was pointed out that wheelchair users couldn't enter the business unless special arrangements were made.  For now the issue with this particular place seems to have been resolved but there are many other places not compliant with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) regulations.

A shown in a previous post - Accessibility Available - an inexpensive wheelchair ramp made of scrap wood can do the job, putting it in place as needed.

But there are other options, some available at the local Lowe's Hardware Store:|PopularCat-_-Other|threshold_ramps&cm_cr=Wheelchair

The above link features a selection of wheelchair threshold ramps that could be used in many downtown entrances where the height difference is a problem.  Other companies online offer more options such as this one:

Finding solutions is as easy as Googling keywords like "wheelchair threshold ramps" or "portable wheelchair ramps."  Businesses and shops downtown don't have to necessarily spend money for new construction to be ADA compliant or take the time to make a DIY ramp.

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