Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taking A Swipe At Swape

(C) 2014  Luke T. Bush

Is swape a word?  Notice the term "swaping" in the headline reproduced below:

It appeared on the front page of the Press-Republican, Wednesday, January 23, 2014.  I did a quick science experiment.  Two different word processing programs  caught "swape" and "swaping" with their respective spell checkers.  Notice how MS Word red underlines each word with automatic spell check, indicating misspellings.

The same thing happens when pasting this article to Blogger.

The PR recently introduced a different font for its headlines, bigger and bolder.  Obviously this cosmetic feature has reduced the number of stupid typos the paper has foisted upon its readers for decades.

Just to cover all bases I also Googled the term "swaping" and what I found were hits like this:

Apparently Facebook and the Press-Republican have the same high standards.

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

Everyone's on Twitter these days. And you know how highly that site promotes good grammar.
That's why communication's bad these days in spite of high tech.