Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artist Erik Wilson ROTAtes In

PLATTSBURGH CITY - June 22, 2013

Saturday evening at ROTA Gallery featured the opening of the Erik Wilson exhibit.  Erik's paintings add a third dimension to the normal 2d format with the use of two layers to include a shadowbox area.  Even his triptychs have a three dimensional aspect with hinged side panels that can be angled to the viewer's preference.

The exhibit runs until July 8th when another exhibit rotates in at ROTA Gallery.  Located at 50 Margaret Street ROTA is usually open daily from 12 noon to 5 PM.

ABOVE: Erik Wilson gestures at one of his works while explaining its creation to an art patron.

BELOW: Works by Erik Wilson.

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Rolene said...

Rolene: I just love these paintings/creations. Hope to get to see them. If Pat gets clearance from the dr, he may make it also. Great coverage, Luke, especially the ROTAtates angle.