Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Busy ROTAting Weekend

Uke-A-Dooks, the Plattsburgh State ukulele club, wrapped up a night of candlelit performances at ROTA.

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY - May 10 & 11, 2013

And the talent keeps cycling through at 50 Margaret Street.

Friday evening ROTA Studios and Gallery presented an evening of acoustic performances illuminated only by an array of candles.  (This writographer made good use of his tripod.)   The benefit raised $223 to keep the non-profit art co-op rotational.  Seven different acts covered a variety of music stylings.


Saturday evening ROTA kicked off a student art exhibit by creators attending Peru High School.  Roses were given to the artists in appreciation of their imaginative works.

Best In Show.

Later that evening actor/playwright Tim Wagoner performed his solo theater-in-the-round play, "Support."  Tim portrayed a multitude of characters dealing with various addictions such as food, alcohol, electronic devices and emotional co-dependence.

The staging for his performance was a circle of chairs that one might find at a support group meeting.  Audience seating was arranged around this set.

Tim Wagoner in character during his play, "Support."

After the performance Tim conversed with audience members about issues raised by his play.  Someone asked him which character he was.  He explained that while his characters were based on different people he knew, he was part of each one.

Tim Wagoner (right) discusses his play after the performance with the audience. 

One question drew a laugh from everyone.  Someone asked Tim if he was going to write a sequel to his play called "Solutions."  Tim enjoyed the comment but in a serious vein he replied that the after-performance discussion was one solution.

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