Friday, January 11, 2013

Sluff Off, Trolls

Anonymous cowards: go elsewhere with your baiting comments.  I won't publish them.

A while ago I received a comment from someone the hiding behind the cover of "Anonymous."  And while there are times when someone should remain anonymous, this person's words didn't warrant it.

This Anonymous remarked about a post I wrote about an event that was very emotional.  I won't bother going into any great detail about what the commenter said – he (or she) would enjoy that – but I will give you the gist of troll's attack to show you why I won't publish it.

Anonymous mocked the participants at the event, stating that they were narcissistics shedding alligator tears.  The commenter also used the term sicko but ironically used it to describe others, not himself.

So if you hear that I don't publish all comments, you now know why.

I write this blog under my own name.  If you want to comment, you can do the same and use your real name, giving me contact info to verify that you indeed made the statement.  Even then I might not publish if it's only a petty ad hominem attack or simple baiting.

I've modified the option at this blog so that only registered users, including those with OpenID, can comment.  No more anonymous comments.

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