Friday, June 22, 2012

ROTA Scrambles: New Location, New Exhibit

Moving day for ROTA Studios and Gallery.  Volunteers work on the process of relocating the arts co-op from Clinton Street to a new location, 50 Margaret Street.


Changing horses in midstream ain't easy.  Especially when you have a herd of them.

As detailed in a previous post ROTA Studios And Gallery is leaving its Clinton Street location to a new spot on Margaret Street.  There is more to the move than transporting material objects: events and exhibits scheduled weeks in advance are also affected.

The global art exhibit sponsored by the Red Hummingbird Foundation is being relocated to the new ROTA HQ at 50 Margaret Street (formerly the home of My Cup Of Tea restaurant).  Then again, when you don't have any lights or working outlets, such a move is definitely necessitated.  Hard to appreciate art in dim lighting; kinda puts a gloomy pall over the works.

The global art project involves an exchange of art from the local area with the Box Hill Community Arts Centre in Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.  The theme is peace and friendship.

The opening -- barring anything like the power being shut off -- will be held Saturday, June 23, at 4:00 - 6:00 PM.

Kim Leclaire (left) and Meg Risley check out a wall for a display of global art that will be the first exhibit at the new space for ROTA.

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