Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plattsy Sez: Meet Plopsy

Hiya, kids, it's your ol' pal Plattsy The Clown, the spirit of Plattsburgh City.  Did you know that downtown Plattsburgh has its own mascot?

Say hello to Plopsy The Pigeon.  He's on display over the sidewalk where Broad Street meets Margaret.  (That's not his head sticking out but his other end.)  If you don't know the location, ask the school kids who walk by Plopsy's Perfect Perch every day.

Now some call Plopsy's kind "rats with wings."  That's not nice.  After all, Plopsy is adding to the general atmosphere of downtown with his decorative splats all over the sidewalk (or if you're really lucky, you'll be blessed on your head).  Moms, take your kids to visit Plopsy; make a day of it.  Your offspring can play Hopscotch Over The White Dots.  Plenty of yuks, not yucks.  And don't forget the educational value for young minds.  You can talk about how the word guano comes via Spanish from the Quechua word wanu.

 Plopsy is always busy, adding his cake decorations for all to enjoy.  He doesn't even rest at night, as you can plainly see.

So say a big "Hello" to Plopsy.  (Just make sure to wear safety goggles.)

[LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for any diseases contracted by contact with pigeon droppings, including but not limited to: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis. ]

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