Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bombs Away!

Do you like pigeon shit clinging to your shoes?  Better yet, how about receiving a plop on your head?

The empty building at 2 Margaret Street has been home for some pigeons who enjoy roosting and nesting on the Broad Street side.  The mess they're making -- from the white streak down the side of the building to the pile on the sidewalk -- is obvious.  An open vent should be covered with wire.

I contacted the Building Inspectors office over two weeks ago and today contacted them as a reminder.  The building at 2 Margaret is up for sale or lease.  Buyer beware.  You might have to clean out the vents, disposing of pigeon shit and dead pigeons.

In case you think I'm overreacting, go to my bad blog, Dogtown 12901, where I crossposted this with a photo of the sidewalk mess.

Gee, could this problem be a health hazard?

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