Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where's The Photo Editor?

I heard about this on Facebook. (Hat Tip: Anna.)

I'm afraid it lends itself to all sorts of bad jokes.

"Hey, is that guy's last name Genitalia?"

Press-Republican, Saturday, 7/31/10, Page B3.

I heard on the street that what we are really seeing is a growth. If so:

1. I hope this man is seeing a doctor.

2. Another photo should've been published or in this case -- a rare one -- a photo-editing program should’ve been used to fix it (the image, not the man).

I'm not surprised that the Press-Republican would let something like this hit the page. One time it misparaphrased what I had told a reporter.

Even a paid ad can be screwed up by the PR. Many years ago a local writer purchased a display ad to advertise a book signing. She had written a romance book that took place in Scotland. The original blurb for her book read:

"Sara Logan has lived around the world and has a fascination for things Scottish."

So how did the blurb appear in the PR?

"Sara Logan has loved around the world and has a fascination for things Scottish."

My advice: Stay out of the PR in any shape or form.

(Note: I'm a staff of one. Fortunately my eagle-eyed readers spot mistakes and I go back and correct them. I do proofread but it's easy to let your own mistakes slide by. How many on the PR staff check materials before publication?)

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