Saturday, June 05, 2010

Night Fire At 237 Margaret Street

"I smell smoke."

About couple of hours or so ago. But this time it wasn't from wildfires all the way up in Quebec, Canada. (See prior post, "End To A Smoky Memorial Day.")

It's after midnight. My windows are open, one fan blowing out hot air, another one drawing in cool air.

A whiff of smoke irritates my sinuses. But thanks to my chronic allergies, my nose plugs up and the odor quickly drops from my olfactory radar.

Then I hear sirens. I look outside, see flashing lights. I grab my camera and investigate, walking down the street. Drifting smoke, haze under the streetlights. Fire trucks and police cars.

Fortunately I don't see anyone taken away by an ambulance. I don't see flames shooting out of the building as I have with other nighttime blazes. It seems that the fire was caught just in time. Even though it could be worse, the smoke and water damage must be bad.

I always worry about a fire in my building. There are things that no amount of insurance can replace.

Next time I smell smoke I'll double-check. It could be a lot closer than I think.

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