Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Times At The Library

Once again the air conditioning is busted at the Plattsburgh Public Library. Not a problem if you enjoy temps around 80 - 86 degrees F or higher.

The needed part to fix the AC is on order and might be here this week.

It's not the first time the system has gone south during hot weather. I hope that the city isn't pinching pennies with the AC like it did with the main entrance at the library. For years the front steps keep crumbling and the city would just patch them up. The stubborn steps would crumble again. After wasting time and money the city finally wised up and spent the funds to make a more permanent fix.

Is the library central heating-cooling system due for an overall or even a whole new system? If the city can build a parking lot that sits empty by the lake, it can afford to pay for a new system if it's required.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that City Hall is considering the issuing of a dispensation for both employees and patrons at the library. The dress code will be relaxed. Under the dispensation one may wear a T-shirt and shorts -- or no shirt at all -- when the temps are in the 80's. Also allowed will be briefs, bras, bikinis, thongs, summer nighties and even pasties (depending upon gender, of course). When the heat rises above 90, nudism will be optional.

Hey, you gotta stay comfortable.

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