Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project READ 2

Still haven't heard anything from the local Literacy Volunteers about their photo contest. Maybe someone there will have a chance to reply to my email.

In the meantime, even though I haven't entered, I went ahead for the fun of it and created two more images.

UPDATE 5/19/10

I received an email reply from LVCC in regards to my questions about rights:

"We will not be seeking any copyrights. The pictures are for our Facebook page.

"There may be a possibility that some pictures may be put in our local newspapers for publicity. We would seek permission to do that from the photographer."

Arthur Menard
VISTA Volunteer, NY Reads/ NY Works
Literacy Volunteers of Clinton County

So I posted my images at the LVCC Facebook group page. The contest is pretty much open to a variety of images and styles. If you have the free time I would recommend sharing an image. Info at literacyvolunteer@gmail.com or telephone 518-564-5332.

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