Saturday, May 29, 2010

Downtown Cycle

Spelling isn't important when it's time to fold up your sales operation. Women's wardrober Watcha Wearin' went west
apparently after shutting down its Clinton Street shop.

They come and go. Little shops and businesses trying to make a go of it in downtown Plattsburgh. One day it's there, the next day it's gone. Then someone else sets up shop and the cycle continues.

This Brinkerhoff Street spot -- the future home of Baxter's Bagels -- was at one time Nick's Restaurant, a diner that had a long successful run that no one else has duplicated in the same location. If you visited Nick's back in the day, early in the morning, the place was packed. You would see the Police Chief and Fire Chief holding a meeting at one table. After Nick's closed, other places tried to offer their own special menus: Enzo's, Something Cool, Taco Loco, On The Brink, just to name the ones I can readily remember.

The owner of Lake City Treasures, a flea market shop on Margaret Street, told customers that he couldn't compete with Wal-Mart. Apparently "Wal-Mart prices", low prices on new items, undid his business in used stuff. Now a cafe, My Cup Of Tea, is going to try to draw a crowd after it opens. Pizza shops at one time were the craze but over the last decade or so cafes are the fad. Anyone remember Pianissimo on Clinton Street or Unique Blend on City Hall Place?

I think the city should install programmable digital signs over each location. That way when one shop closes, the new one just has to key in its name to get it up in lights.

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