Friday, May 07, 2010

Don't Pooh Pooh These Ideas

Gee, someone gave me this Press-Republican classified ad (4/6/10, P. B11). I wonder why?

And also a Hat Tip to Dean to sending me the link to this article:

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise article, dated 3/31/10, is headlined "Police give the scoop on River Walk dog poop," but the warning from the Saranac Lake police chief is no joke. Chief Bruce Nason wanted to remind every dog-owner that there was a village ordinance that required picking up after his pet or face a fine of $75.

$75? Hey, come to Plattsburgh and save money. It's only $25 to crap in the park or anywhere else, according to the city charter.

The ADE article also mentioned that the village police have been asked to increase patrols on the River Walk "due to complaints of a higher-than-usual amount of dog feces." Also, there was the possibility that police might install cameras to catch scofflaws.

I'm no fan of cameras on every corner but if a couple could help to cut down on dogshit, then go ahead.

The Saranac Lake village police are taking a proactive role about the local dogshit problem. Plattsburgh's mayor wants to save the city money. So if city police officers are too busy to enforce the law regarding dogshit, to handle their job doody, maybe the city could hire Dr. Doo on a part-time basis. After all, privatization of services is supposed to save money. And in this case, it could also save on shoe-scraping.

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