Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spotlighted Comment: Inconsiderate Dog Owner's Rant

Sometimes a comment rates its own post. For example, this response to my post, Crap On City Hall, about dog feces being left around town:

Anonymous (4:24 PM) said...

tough shit, try owning a dog in the city of plattsburgh and finding a nice place to have it squat... birds shit everywhere, stray cats shit everywhere... everytime it rains in the summer the sewers (which take both rainwater and sewage together to the plant) overflow, onto the hills of the monument... my only problem w/ dog poop is when its left in the sidewalk or in the path of where people normally walk... otherwise, it's biodegradable and helps fertilize stuff... obviously you don't own a dog, and if you do and you clean up after it then bra-vo... either way get off your fucking high horse

And here's my response to Anon 4:24 PM:

Dear Anon:

Your dog. Your responsibility. Not mine.

Your dog's shit. Your responsibility. Not mine.

You try to rationalize your actions by saying its OK to leave dogshit behind if it isn't at a spot where people normally walk. People do walk across lawns, whether it be at City Hall or one of the parks.

You say dogshit is biodegradeble and fertilizes "stuff." Dogshit can also carry nasty "stuff" like pinworms.

I don't see that much birdshit around as I do dogshit and cats usually bury their wastes. Because other animals defecate doesn't give you the right to leave behind your dog's waste.

Also, the city isn't responsible for providing a "nice place" for your dog to squat.

You have two choices:

Pick up after your dog


Move out of the city to a community where your dog can run free, where people don't mind if your dog leaves shit on their lawns. I don't know of such a place so good luck.

And as for me being on my "high horse" -- hey, at least you don't have to pick up after it. How's those road apples, pal?

Thanks for your illogical puerile rant. It made me laugh.

(A second Anonymous -- 9:37 PM -- left a comment at my prior post also challenging Anon 4:24 PM's stupidity.)

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