Friday, December 04, 2009

Duck And Cover (Your Ass)

Does WIRY radio personality Ducky Drake engage in quack commentary?

Let's take a look at the record.

Yesterday in his Is It Just Me? commentary (12/3/09) he was going on once again about the Plattsburgh Public Library. He has previously stated that PPL thinks it is more important than other city departments like fire and police when it comes to the matter of its budget.

But in his latest commentary he did admit that the PPL was “a great place” and that it “does offer a great many fine services to the Plattsburgh community.” If that's so, why did Ducky in a previous broadcast propose to completely shut down PPL? Is PPL worth it or worthless?

Ducky in yesterday's commentary referred to some vicious emails and other responses he has received in the past. Some of those responses he wouldn't repeat. He stated: “I air responsible opinions, not ones that have personal attacks."

Let's back up a bit. Ducky stated in an earlier commentary also critical of PPL that he was expecting to hear from some people who disagreed with him. He added: “Who would have thought the stereotyped little gray-haired librarian could be so vicious?"

Yup, that's not personal. Especially using a stereotype to tar brush a group of people.

Let's look at another one of Ducky's statements from yesterday:

"Maybe when I commented about giving raises and bonuses to staff members [in a previous commentary] I went a little overboard.”

What he refers to is this statement:

“Did you know the library, unlike any other department, controls all the money that they receive in their budget? While all other departments have to account for their budget money to the [city Common] Council and how they're going to spend it, the library can do whatever they want with the money. They could give it all for employee raises, they could give their employees paid vacations, they can hand out bonuses. They can do whatever they want with their budget money.”

Maybe” Ducky went “a little overboard” with that erroneous claim?

Apparently he thinks no one pays attention to what he says. That he can duck and weave like a verbal boxer, letting his previous dubious comments disappear into the memory hole.

Duck and cover, indeed.

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