Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paranormal Expo 2

Besides the activities upstairs, the Northern New York Paranormal Expo also featured guest speakers in the downstairs community room at the Plattsburgh Recreation Center.

Ufologist Dan Lowenski talked about encounters with alien craft and even their occupants. The slide in the background is a drawing of a being that allegedly was seen by a family in a rural area.

Emmy Michell, a Native American reader (psychic), during her presentation asked her listeners if they could see her white aura. She backed away from the lecturn and stood against a wall. A couple of people said they could see her aura.

Attentive and appreciative listeners during Emmy Mitchell's presentation.

Christopher Nye spoke about the haunted house he owns in Fort Covington, NY. In the background are his two young daughters and his brother-in-law, Merrill McKee, of NNYPRS (Northern New York Paranormal Research Society).

Listeners both young and old were fascinated by Nye's presentation. He spoke about the unusual events that caused his conversion from a skeptic to a believer.

Paranormal lovers.

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