Friday, July 17, 2009

Mayor’s Cup Fireworks 2009

I always wanted to find a good spot where I could photograph fireworks over the lake, getting the colors reflected in the water. Also, I wanted a spot where no one else was around so I could shoot away without any distractions. No kids running around, almost knocking over my tripod. A place with a clear view of the pyrotechnics.

Well, I’ve found that spot. I didn’t even have to worry about a patrol car pulling up and the officer asking me what I was doing there.

Where’s the spot? Sorry, it’s a secret.

It had been raining and it looked like the display would be canceled. But the storm clouds drifted apart that evening, ending the wet weather for a while. Sometimes lightning flashes would light up behind the clouds in the distance, giving an eerie touch to the scene.


The Eternal Chef said...

Nice shots!!

Luke T. Bush said...