Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Notice: 65 Miller Street


Two days ago I noticed an official notification had been taped on the front door of the house at 65 Miller Street, the subject of a previous post entitled “House Beautiful.” The notice is from the City of Plattsburgh Building & Zoning Department.

According to the notice the property is in violation of the Property Maintenance Code of New York State, Chapter 3, Section 302, Subsection 302.4 Weeds. According to 302.4: All premises and immediate exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds and plant growth in excess of ten inches (254 mm) (excluding cultivated flowers and gardens, of course).

Let’s take another look at the weedy plant growth:

Yup, that’s more than ten inches. I thought the garbage bags and cardboard sheets would be considered fire hazards. I’m assuming they will be removed with the jungle growth.

The notice states that action must be taken immediately. If the owner or agent of the property doesn’t comply, the responsible parties will be billed for removal of the weeds. Also the owner or agent can face a fine not exceeding $1000. But it doesn’t stop there: every day of continued violation could be counted as additional offenses, to be determined by the court.

So let’s see if this notification produces the needed changes. Or at least generate some money for cash-strapped Plattsburgh.


TourPro said...

I'd rather see that house than the multiple Confederate flags being flown on Miller St.

Luke T. Bush said...


I'm no fan of Confederate flags but if the display is not an eyesore or hazard, then let 'em wave in the free wind. I knew someone who used to fly the UN flag outside their house. Everyone is entitled to express themselves within reason.