Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tracking The Problem 4

Another post dealing with back trouble (herniated disc and degenerative arthritis.)

The downside: I waited for over a month for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. I called my doctor’s office (general practitioner) a couple of times, left messages, but no reply. The other day I found a message on my answering machine to call the medical center across the lake in Vermont for pre-registration. I assumed that this was for the neurosurgeon and that I had a few days before the appointment. Wrong. When I called to pre-register I found out I was supposed to be there the next day at 10 AM. I don’t have a car; I have to make arrangements for transportation. So I had to cancel the appointment. It had been made four weeks ago. There had been plenty of time for someone to contact me, especially after I had left two messages with my local doctor. From what I’ve gathered my doctor’s office screwed up; it was up to them to inform me about the appointment.

The upside: the numbness remains in my left leg but it doesn’t last as along and I don’t have the weakness in my ankle that made it hard for be to stay steady while walking. What has helped so far is physical therapy in a swimming pool and exercises at home. Apparently numbness is more serious than just pain, indicating serious pressure on a nerve. If the therapy works, I can avoid surgery.

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