Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Hit List – Continued

I’ll spare you the images. Actually, I’ll spare myself. I can only control my gag reflex for so long while dealing with this stuff.

Listed below are images taken today while just walking around. Each item has a number referring to the image on file. I keep all such shots filed in case anyone wants to challenge me that there’s no dogshit problem in Plattsburgh, NY.

9. Miller St. near RR crossing. On snowbank. Must have been dropped by a flying dog. 2/12/09 1:36 PM Img#4702

10. Miller St, near Press-Republican parking lot. 2/12/09 1:46 PM. Img#4716

11. Margaret St., near 226 parking lot. On snowbank. Another winged canine? 2/12/09 Img#4744

12. Margaret St, 256 entrance. 2/12/09 2:20 PM Img#4747

13. Margaret & Cornelia, NE corner. 2/12/09 2:55 PM Img#4750


Anonymous said...

I suggest you install hidden cameras.

Luke T. Bush said...

By "you" do you mean the City of Plattsburgh? I know if I installed spy cameras, I would be nailed for "illegal surveillance" or some such charge.

I have qualms about cities installing surveillance cameras - but if such a system would deter rude dog-owners from leaving doshit behind, I would have less qualms.