Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Citizenship and the DPW

What’s notable about the accompanying image is what isn’t there.

Everyday I would walk by this spot and notice the problem was still there, not getting any fresher. By day 5 – Election Day – I decided to call the City of Plattsburgh Department of Public Works. Apparently people who lived near the problem or even parked next to it were too busy to notice, or if they were aware, indifferent. Even though it wasn’t in my immediate neighborhood, I decided to do what others should have done.

A quick look-up for the DPW number in the phone book, one short call, and the problem was gone by the next day. Kudos to the DPW.

In the scheme of things getting a decaying cat carcass hauled away isn’t much. But there is more to citizenship than pulling a lever in a voting booth once a year.

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