Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On A Tear At The Library

Busted binding. Shredded pages. Encyclopedia volumes beyond repair.

In a perfect world someone wouldn’t take out his anger on library books. But damaged books are another cost for the Plattsburgh Public Library.

Apparently the vandal was getting even for violating the library’s rules pertaining to the use of the public access computers. After he was caught, he extracted his revenge, finding a secluded corner to do his handiwork, and then he hid the evidence. He picked his targets well. An encyclopedia set with destroyed volumes is just as useless as one with missing volumes. The whole set would have to be replaced at considerable cost.

But he didn’t win. The encyclopedia sets he damaged, while important, aren’t irreplaceable.

Ironically, what started with computers ends there. The information the petty vandal tried to destroy is still available on the Internet through the library’s computers, far beyond his reach.


Anonymous said...

Did the vandal actually get caught and if so will he/she have to cover the cost of what was destroyed?

Gu Hao said...

I was a librarian during the years of a high-school student, and so much I loved my books. I hated the vandals. Never can I understand those wild foolishness and violation.

Luke T. Bush said...


There is a "person of interest" who hasn't been caught (at least not yet). That's why I used the word "apparently" when describing the individual who probably did the damage.

Gu Hua:

I wanted to illustrate with my post what vandalism costs to the rest of us - not just the monetary loss but also the damage to art and knowledge. As a former librarian you obviously understand.