Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome To The Luke City

Finally: the City of Plattsburgh has recognized my citizen journalism and has decided to honor me. The nickname for the Burgh is no longer The Lake City: it is now The Luke City.

Don’t believe me? Check out this image:

This detail is from a sign that greets travelers as they enter Plattsburgh in the southbound lane on Route 9, just before the Scomotion Creek Bridge. Now some could argue that what appears to be “Luke” is a dumb coincidence: the “a” in Lake wore off because no one has been maintaining the sign. Me, I think they were just a little sloppy with changing the ‘a” to an “u.” (And they also forgot to change the French part to Ville de Luc.)

But if you look at the sign as a whole, it does look kinda ratty; time to fix it up. Notice that one decorative post globe is missing and the surface is pitted. Remember: first impressions count. And I don’t what anyone entering The Luke City to think that either the Burgh – and more importantly, me – is ratty-looking.

It’s simply a matter of spending a penny now for a fix up or a dollar later to replace the sign after it rots and falls down.


The Eternal Scholar said...

Do you remember when Plattsburgh was spontaneously dubbed "The Lake City"??? I'll give you a hint... It was the day these signs went up! These signs went up quite awhile ago, perhaps it's time to invent a new image for Plattsburgh.

Luke T. Bush said...


Hey, just cleaning up and maintaining the place would be a new image.

Plattsburgh doesn't have to luke that far to find someone with practical answers.