Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Skating By

Don’t forget: skateboarders have priority over motor vehicles at the Marion Street Skateboard Park.

When skateboarders are using that street, all drivers must use alternate routes. Do not drive down Marion if you see skateboarders. Also, adjoining streets – Clinton, Protection, and Brinkerhoff – are included in the park area.

Skateboarders are allowed to ignore all traffic laws. They may travel the wrong way on a one-way street or fly through a stop sign.

There are no regular hours posted. Skateboarders decide randomly what hours they will take over the streets. Also, they aren’t responsible for any property damage they cause to any vehicles or buildings in the area. If your parked car is dented or scratched, tough. If you don’t like the edge of your walls or buildings ground down, then relocate your church, arts center, or business.

Pedestrians, take note. Skateboarders also have priority on sidewalks. Walk with extreme caution or use alternate routes. Any broken bones that you may incur are your problem. (Is your health insurance paid up?)

For many years skateboarders have dominated Marion Street. Ergo, they are de facto rulers of that area. Stay off their turf. (That includes you, too, officers of the Plattsburgh PD.)


Gu Hao said...

Can the skateboarders dominate the street in such a way? It's incredible.

Luke T. Bush said...

Gu Hao:

Yes, it is incredible. Some people might think I'm being too critical about the situation, but there are problems with allowing this to go on.

First, someone could get hurt, especially when they shoot out from the side street, going the wrong way, into traffic. The buildings on the corners create blind spots.

Second, the skateboarders damage the buildings in the area. A church spent a lot of money fixing up its property and the skateboarders were wrecking the renovations like the new stone wall.

Third, when skateboarding is allowed in this spot, some of the skateboarders feel they can skate anywhere. There is a long stretch of steps at city hall leading to the upper floor. A friend one afternoon saw a few skateboarders flying down the steps, shooting into the street.

Maybe the city thinks that if the skateboarders just stay in that one spot, that will keep the problem under control. But as I've pointed out, that doesn't work.