Friday, September 26, 2008

Rambling With Elle

Creating a book is a long, lonely trek.

For Elle Berger the process took ten years. At journey’s end was her new book, “Stepping Out: A Tenderfoot’s Guide to the Principles, Practices, and Pleasures of Countryside Walking.”

Yesterday evening at the North Cultural Center for the Arts, Elle explained how an interest in taking leisurely walks led her to “rambling” throughout Great Britain. She realized those experiences could be the basis for a book.

During her PowerPoint presentation, she said that Britain is aware how walking trails impact local economies. Bed and breakfast inns, pubs, and stores benefit from visitors who arrive into town not by car but by foot. Her stunning images of the English countryside showed how most trails are well marked and maintained. Hardly any litter, she noted, was found during her ramblings.

Demonstrating the importance placed upon walking trails, one image showed a long pedestrian bridge that had been installed at considerable expense. Other images recorded the farm animals seen along the way, especially one friendly sheep that posed for the camera.

Elle turned to self-publishing to make sure her book would have the right format and style. She knew she needed the assistance of specialists. Unlike some self-publishers who do all or most of the work, wearing different hats at the same time, Elle delegated parts of the process to others: editing, web site creation, art, publicity, etc.

As much as possible she used the services of local people. Throughout her writing career she appreciated the support of others in the community. It made the long, lonely trek much easier.

Elle is now traveling around the North Country to promote her book and also to express her thanks to those who made her dream a reality. Information about upcoming book signings and presentations can be found at . Her book is available at the NCCCA, 30 Brinkerhoff Street, Plattsburgh.

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