Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doggone Downtown

Take Pride, Plattsburgh!

But remember that pride goeth before a fall –- especially when you slip on dogshit.


Anonymous said...

Equally troubling is the appearance of the building in the background. Yikes! Time for a paint job!

Luke T. Bush said...


I believe the building is in the process of getting a new paint job. I included it in the photo to show the location, a corner in the heart of downtown Plattsburgh. As you can see, the sidewalks have been renovated.

New paint is good. So are new sidewalks. But it's all for nothing if no one wants to walk around downtown because of the scattered piles of dog scat.


Anonymous said...

When will the city ever understand that there has to be a plan and a vision to get the city cleaned up and looking like we care. Every Friday, Sat. and Sun. the downtown is a mess with litter, white paper plates, bottles, cans, cups!!
If the litter and garbage laws were explained and people had constant educational reminders, we might move forward in this area.
Just walk up Clinton St. and look at the dumpy store fronts amidst the renovated ones. How are those dumps allowed to exist? Do our city codes allow this?