Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pattern Interrupted

Patterns. I’m always looking for patterns.

I’m walking down Clinton Street when I notice a series of bright rectangles on a building’s façade. Apparently the glowing bars are being created by sunlight reflecting off windows.

I back up and zoom out to the telephoto end of my lens to compress the perspective. Then I lean against the wall to line up the pattern.

Suddenly a woman peers out from a doorway. She wonders what I’m doing. I reassure her that nothing bad is going on; I’m just trying to take a shot of a pattern.

But I can understand her concern. After all, if I stepped out of a doorway and saw some stranger leaning against a wall, camera aimed at me, I would also wonder what was going on.


Gu Hao said...

I have the same experience as you, for I mostly interested in taking photoes in living areas and recording the life of people. I always feel that smile is the best sign for goodwill.

Luke T. Bush said...

Gu Hao:

Sorry to take a while to respond to your comment. Too many distractions. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your viewpoint. I visited your blog and you have some very good images there. It's different when an amateur, not a professional photographer, makes a picture. While the pro might be concerned with "art" and technical details, the amateur sometimes brings out more through simplicity.